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Pirate Puzzles iPad App by Ayars Animation

A short time ago, I received a complimentary copy of the Pirate Puzzles iPad app by Ayars Animation to evaluate and review. Despite the fact that the app was free, I still intend to give you a truthful, unbiased opinion of the product based on actual usage and reactions.

First, here is the description of the product as published at the App Store:

Pirate Puzzles is a fun-filled and engaging app for children ages 3-7 years old. Young buccaneers complete more than 15 puzzles ranging in difficulty. When successful, children unlock the mystery Pirate Songs! They are carried away in an ocean of pirate music, animation, and swashbuckling fun. Watch your child sail the high seas with Pirate Puzzles, the latest interactive application from Ayars Animation!

And a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of what the menu and puzzles look like (you may click to enlarge):

This app contains 18 total puzzles that are divided into two separate sets of 9 puzzles each. The first set comes with bigger pieces and is fairly easy; the second set gets progressively more difficult. Each puzzle is colorful and richly detailed, as you would expect from Ayars, and upon successful completion of a puzzle, the child is rewarded with a short, interactive animation. Completing all 9 puzzles in a set unlocks a longer pirate song (over 3 minutes) with plenty of fun interactions strewn across the screen.

What I like about Pirate Puzzles is that the puzzle pieces are easy to maneuver and place on the grid, and the app was completely bug-free as far as I could tell. Furthermore, since puzzles help children develop better visual perceptual skills, spatial awareness, and coordination, Pirate Puzzles would be a wonderful addition to any list of must-have educational apps for youngsters.

The only thing I would warn against is that the recommended age range of 3-7 seems a bit too wide for the level of difficulty presented. I can’t really imagine many 7-year-olds being challenged by these puzzles, so I would tighten the age range down to maybe 3-6.

Overall, Pirate Puzzles is an entertaining app that younger children are sure to enjoy. The $.99 price tag is just right, too, so visit the App Store right now to download Pirate Puzzles for your little swashbuckler!