Restoring old cars

bend pak My cousin has become more and more of a gear head over the years, and is always talking about the various tools and equipment he needs in order to restore old cars. I don’t have the first clue about auto repair or restoration, so most of what he says just goes right over my head.

But recently he sent me this link and asked me to check out Best Buy Auto BendPak car lifts on that page. Apparently, if he gets one of these lifts, he’ll be able to do any kind of repair or project out there. He might even be able to complete some custom orders that people have asked him about. That would be great for bringing in extra money — and who knows, if things go just right, he might even turn this into a full-time career.

Anyway, the bottom line is that he asked me to help him buy one of these BendPak lifts. I don’t have the full amount in cash that I could just give him, but I’d be willing to help out a little bit. After all, Christmas is coming up and I can just count the contribution as my present to him!

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