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PanaVise Miniature Vise

PanaVise_Model_201 I occasionally have need of a vise for light filing work, and didn’t want to shell out big bucks for a top quality one that you’d find in woodworking shops or whatever. So after a bit of searching I came across this PanaVise Mini Vise on Amazon. The reviews sounded good and the $30 price tag was acceptable, so I bought it.

It’s been pretty much what I expected/hoped for. The base is made of metal, which gives it some heft. And since I’m not wrenching on whatever is clamped in the jaws, this means I don’t have to secure the vise to the table in any permanent way (though there are three screw holes in the base if that were required). In addition, the vise jaws are mounted on a nicely rotating ball joint, which allows for 360-degree turning and rotating, as well as 350-degree tilting. This is more than adequate for my purposes.

All in all, this little mini vise has been a good buy. For very light, non-impact work, it’s a good buy.