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Asics Gel Velocity Tennis Shoes

gel velocity I play a variety of sports and consequently need sturdy shoes that can take the beating of running, starting, stopping, and changing directions. Ordinary running shoes are not meant for sports like basketball and tennis, so I always need at least one other pair for my cross-training days.

I used to buy shoes labeled as cross-trainers, but found that they didn’t hold up much better than running shoes. After a while, holes would develop in the toe box, and I’d have to replace them within 6 months of once or twice weekly usage. So this time around I decided to try shoes made specifically for tennis.

Since starting and stopping are a big part of tennis, I figured there would be extra reinforcement around the toe box. I was right. These Asics Gel Velocity tennis shoes are great in that respect, and feel very sturdy without being overly stiff or uncomfortable. I’ve been using them for a couple months now and find that they’re breaking in nicely and are not showing any signs of unreasonable wear and tear in unexpected places.

The shoes cost around $50, which seems fair so far. If they last for a year, I’ll be happy!