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Nintendo Announces 2DS

Nintendo 2DS

To go along with the Wii U price drop, Nintendo has also announced a new handheld console called the 2DS. This is a cheaper version of the 3DS that renders games only in 2D. The screen grab above is from the Nintendo homepage, and you can see that the 2DS will cost only $129.99. Plus, it will play all 3DS games, which is something to consider for those that want an established library of titles available.

I like the idea of a 2DS. My son has a 3DS and hardly ever uses the 3D function anyway, so I think this product has a good chance of finding an audience. We’ll see how it does for the Christmas season.

Wii U Price Drop

wii-u I don’t know how popular gaming consoles are these days (all I ever hear is that they’re losing market share, game titles aren’t selling well, etc.), but if you’re interested in buying a Wii U, this might be a good time to do it.

Nintendo plans on dropping the Wii U price from $349 to $299 in the hopes that the console will be more attractive when pitted against the new Xbox and PS4 systems that are due out in the fall. The Xbox One will reportedly cost $499 (yikes!), while the PS4 is expected to retail for around $399.

I feel bad for all the parents that will see these items on their kids’ Christmas lists this year. That’s a lot of money to cough up all at once!

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

joseph joseph Well, that didn’t take long. I posted a little while ago that I needed a garlic press, and after reading a bunch of reviews decided to buy this Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker. I went with it because buyers said it was easy to use (didn’t take much force) and easy to clean. Good enough for me!

The thing cost a bit more than other garlic presses, but was still just $10. And anyway, I used my Amazon rewards points for it, so it was basically free.

I haven’t actually tried this garlic rocker yet. I’ll post an actual review when I do!

Reusable Drinking Straws

I’ve been reading about how standard drinking straws aren’t that great for you because of various toxins that can “leach” into your drink. And they’re bad for the environment as well because they simply take up space in a landfiil.

So I’ve decided to try reusable drinking straws. There are a few different ways I can go here. I can choose glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic that is specifically designed to handle hot or cold drinks.

All of the reusable straws I’ve seen are similar in price and care, so I don’t think it matters much which product I actually choose. I guess I’ll just read some reviews and choose the one that people rave about the most.

NFL Split Jerseys

rgiii jersey Ugh, please don’t tell me this is going to become a thing. Split jerseys? For real?

The first time I saw this kind of atrociousness was a few years back when Brady Quinn’s sister wore an awful amalgamation of a Notre Dame and Ohio State jersey to a bowl game. Now they’re actually being sold by Nike?

I haven’t supported the NFL via souvenir purchases in more than two years, and I certainly don’t plan on breaking that habit with this ugly POS. Who would even want something like this???

DJ Equipment

gator dj case My younger cousin’s birthday is coming up, so he’s been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what he wants me to get for him. At the top of the list this year is DJ equipment, which is quite a departure form the video games he usually asks for. I guess that’s to be expected now that he’s exiting his teen years!

Anyway, I’ve been looking at Gator DJ Cases & Bags at Musician’s Friend and have found several affordable options, including the “tour style” case pictured here. But I’m not sure if I should buy this one outright or give my cousin the cash so he can choose the exact item that he wants. Maybe I’ll have to start dropping some hints of my own to feel him out!

Louis Vuitton bag or Burberry trench?

I’m planning on treating myself to a “luxury” product in the next month or two, but can’t decide between a Luis Vuitton handbag and a Burberry trench. Both cost around the same price and both would get a substantial amount of use. The handbag would probably get a bit more since I could use it year round while the trench is more of a 3-season coat. But that’s still a lot of wear for a coat.

Anyway, this would be my first luxury purchase in either category. So far in my life I’ve only had run of the mill coats and purses.

Which one to choose??

lv alma

burberry trench

Need a garlic press

trudeau garlic press I’m starting to cook more, so now I’m paying more attention to kitchen gadgets that will make my life easier. This includes even the most basic tools, such as a garlic press, which I don’t have (yet).

I started reading up about garlic presses yesterday and didn’t realize there were so many things to consider. They seem like such simple tools, but I guess you have to worry about how hard you have to squeeze the press, the size of the garlic pieces it yields, the yield volume, ease of cleaning, durability, etc. Plus, there are a bunch of different models to choose from, which further confuses the matter.

I guess I’ll have to spend some more time reading reviews before actually buying something.