The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Granny panties are in???

rhianna miley I just read an article that claims “granny panties” are back in style. The writer pointed out some celebs (Katy Perry, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus) that have been photographed wearing granny panties, and also cited some figures showing that the “full-coverage briefs” have more than doubled in sales in the past year.

I don’t know what to say about this one, except that I’m not a fan of the look. I haven’t tried this style myself, but already know that I wouldn’t be comfortable with having my underwear so high up on my waist. I think I’ll pass on this “trend”.

Monk Top 10 Phobias Mug

monk 10 phobias Are products like this from Zazzle officially licensed? I just bought this Top 10 Phobias mug for the TV show Monk, but then started wondering if my money is going to the right people. I later checked the NBC Universal store, but they only have Monk books and DVDs there.

Anyway, this mug is about what you’d expect from a coffee mug. Nothing too special, but it gets the job done. And I love being reminded of my favorite TV show as I drink my morning coffee!

Are banjos still popular?

banjo I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of banjos, it’s only in the context of the movie Deliverance. Maybe I just don’t listen to enough country or bluegrass music to form any other associations with that instrument.

Still, after an odd discussion at lunch today I started to wonder if banjos are still popular. To my surprise, I found that you can buy banjos at musicians friend and similar sites, and that there are more than 50 different models to choose from.

I guess that’s the answer to my question!

Google Chromecast

chromecast I’ve been thinking about getting a media streamer for a while now, and have checked out several different models, including Apple TV and Roku. But I didn’t actually buy either of those–which might be a good thing now that Google Chromecast has been released.

Chromecast is little device that plugs into the HDMI port on your television and allows you to stream content from your computer, tablet, or phone. It is compatible with YouTube, Netflix, GooglePlay, and also the Chrome browser, which sounds pretty cool.

And while it may not have all the bells and whistles that some other streamers have, it’s only $35–which includes 3 free months of Netflix. For that price, I’m definitely willing to try it!

Royal Baby Merchandise

keep calm baby With the royal baby due any day now, there has been no shortage of coverage in the media. I’ve been seeing a lot of royal baby merchandise as well, including plenty of off-the-wall stuff like Union Jack booties, various items of clothing that refer to “Uncle Harry” and “Aunt Pippa”, and even a commemorative plate from Harrod’s.

Really? Are people actually buying any of this stuff? That seems stupid to me, especially since no name or gender is known yet — which means all the merchandise just ends up saying something stupid like “Royal Baby 2013”. Come on!

I have to admit though, that the Keep Calm There’s a Royal Baby ornament pictured above sort of made me chuckle. Is there no end to the variations on that Keep Calm… meme?

Redoing Home Office

stand with mount I’m thinking about redoing my home office. I’ve had the same setup for many years now, and am getting tired of it. Plus, I’m not really utilizing my available space very efficiently.

One of the changes I’m thinking of making is getting an adjustable desk so I can alternate between a traditional and a standing workstation. I hate sitting down all day, but don’t like losing 5-10 minutes of productivity every hour while I get up to stretch my legs by walking around the house or around the block.

In addition to an adjustable desk, I’m currently looking at stands with mounts for my computer monitor (or monitors, if I decide to add another one). This will make adjusting, moving, and staging my monitor(s) a breeze, which is a capability I really need right now.

Other than working out these problems with my desk, I want to paint the walls a bright color (instead of the current white) and get some decorative accessories for the walls. I spend upwards of 10 hours in my home office every day, so I might as well make it as inviting as possible!

Adidas Adipure Gazelle Running Shoes

adipure gazelle I’ve been using these running shoes for about a month now and am ready to give a full review. In a word, I think they’re awesome!

As a minimalist shoe, the Aidpure Gazelle is extremely lightweight and flexible right out of the box. Because of this, there was no breaking in period to speak of. I went for a one hour run the very first time I wore them and had zero problems in terms of blisters, chafing, rubbing, etc. They fit well and are extremely comfortable.

I also like the sock-like fabric that covers the toe box. At first it seemed like the material wouldn’t hold up that well to a lot of hard running, but after wearing these for a while, I think the material will do just fine. It stretches easily and doesn’t seem like it will tear anytime soon.

If these shoes last a good 6-8 months, I’ll be thrilled and will continue to purchase Adidas in the future!

Organic Baby Bedding

A friend is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks, but since she lives in Texas, I won’t be attending in person. Still, I plan on buying her a gift and have been checking her registry for inspiration.

One of the items she wants is an organic crib mattress, which is something I’d never heard of. But after checking a few mattress stores in austin, I found a place that offers organic baby bedding for very reasonable prices.

In case you’re wondering, organic bedding is made from natural, non-synthetic, chemical-free materials that are supposed to be healthier and more comfortable for babies. Sounds good to me, so I’ll likely end up ordering one and sending it to the shower!