The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

iPod Touch 5

ipod touch 5

Well, after months of consideration, I finally went ahead and bought myself an iPod Touch 5. It took me a few days to set it up (transfer my non-iTunes stuff to it), but now I’m ready to go. My first impression is a good one thus far, but I won’t be ready to give a full review until I’ve used the thing on a daily basis in a variety of different situations. Check back in a couple of weeks!

Rain Gear for Jogging

North Face rain jacket Now that the weather is considerably warmer, I can start jogging outside again instead of confining myself to a treadmill at the gym. The only problem is we tend to get a lot of rain in the spring, and I hate having to skip a run just because of bad weather. That’s why I’m trying to find lightweight rain jackets that would keep me dry without weighing me down.

I’ve checked several sites already, and so far this North Face Venture rain jacket looks the most promising. It’s lightweight and breathable, yet completely waterproof — which is exactly what I want. It’s made primarily for hiking, but I think it would be ok for jogging too.

Now I just have to go and read some reviews to see if it performs as well as it sounds!

White Jack Purcell Shoes

white JP After having bought my first pair of Jack Purcell shoes a couple months ago (and loving them), I decided to snap up a pair of white ones for the summer. These look and fit equally as well as the black version, and will probably look even better once they get broken in (i.e. a bit dirty). Can’t wait to start wearing them!

Good Humor Birthday Cake Ice Cream Bars

Image converted using ifftoany I was browsing through some blogs today and saw a post about a new flavor of ice cream bars from Good Humor. They’re “birthday cake” flavored, and they look damn tasty! I haven’t noticed them in my regular grocery store yet, but I’ll definitely do a slow cruise down the ice cream aisle the next time I go. In fact, I might have to drive around to all the different stores in the area to see if I can find these. Yes, I’m that interested in trying them!

Three Dots Men’s T-Shirts

awesome tee I was just browsing through the Three Dots site when I saw that Ryan McPartlin (aka Captain Awesome from the Chuck TV series) is a model/spokesperson for the men’s line. While I think Awesome is totally awesome, I’m certainly not going to run out and buy any of the clothes he’s hawking. See that plain tee he’s wearing in the pic? It costs $68!!!! For a plain cotton tee shirt!! No thanks.

I think I’ll just stick to Fruit of the Loom’s 3-for-$10 packs for my husband!

Aerosoles Temptress

temptress I am not big on shoes. I have two or three pair that get me through most occasions, and rarely have to go shopping for anything new. But one of my go-to pair of work shoes recently gave out, so I had no choice but to replace them. I decided to try Aerosoles for the first time because they were having a big sale.

I’ve seen the Aerosoles store in the mall forever, but never went in there before. I was surprised at the wide variety of shoes they carried and at their very reasonable prices. After looking around for a bit, I found this nice pair of chocolate brown slip-ons named “Temptress”. They have a bit of a heel, which I like, but are otherwise very conservative and nice, with a combination of suede and faux crocodile on the outside.

Besides the looks, I was impressed by the way the shoes felt right out of the box. They were extremely comfortable when I tried them on in the store. They have a lot of cushioning inside, so I could envision wearing/walking in them for a long time.

Overall, I have gotten pretty good use out of these shoes so far. I ended up paying only $32 for them, which was down from the $59 original price tag. I’ll definitely go back to Aerosoles again!

Kohl’s for Picture Frames

mommy and me I don’t shop at Kohl’s very often, but one thing I always go there for is picture frames. I don’t know why, but Kohl’s consistently has the best selection of affordable picture frames out there. In looking around my house, I think every single frame I have is from that store.

They tend to have a vast selection of frames available at all times, ranging from very plain to whimsical to ornate. I tend to go for the ones with captions on them, like the product pictured here. I think this makes the frame a lot more charming than it would be without the additional words.

And if I can’t find what I’m looking for at the Kohl’s near my house, I can just go online and check the more than 500 choices on the Kohl’s website. Love it!

Fiber One Chocolate Cereal

fiber one chocolate I have found a new favorite cereal! Fiber One Chocolate is so yummy that I can’t believe it actually meets the Mayo Clinic guidelines for a “healthy” cereal (at least 5 grams of fiber, less than 13 grams of sugar, and less than 120 calories per serving). Seriously, I not only eat this stuff for breakfast, but also find myself reaching for it at snack time.

The chocolate flavor provides just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy my cravings, and since I can have 3/4 cup (30g) per serving, I thoroughly quell my afternoon hunger pangs at the same time. I eat this cereal straight out of the box with no milk, and love it!

The actual nutrition numbers for Fiber One Chocolate are as follows (per 3/4 cup serving):

80 calories
9g of fiber
25g carbohydrate
5g sugar
1g protein

No, it’s not the best choice in the cereal aisle, but it’s gotta be one of the tastiest “healthy” cereals out there! Highly recommended!!