The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Rockstar Energy Metal Mulisha Beanie

metal mulisha beanie Apparently, kids these days don’t wear winter hats anymore. Instead, they prefer beanies — a look that I’ve never been able to get behind 100%. Nevertheless, I let my son wear what he wants, so when he picked out this Rockstar Energy Metal Mulisha beanie, I went ahead and bought it for him. At least his head will be covered, right?

This knit beanie features the Rockstar Energy drink logo on the front, along with the words “Metal Mulisha” (a reference to a freestyle mX team) in large font. “Metal Mulisha” and “Rockstar Energy Drink” also appear in smaller, contrasting print around the rest of the beanie.

The beanie is a bit big for my son’s head, so it acts as more of a fashion statement than an actual warming mechanism. But he likes it and the product has held up well throughout the winter and multiple washes. Recommended if you’re an FMX/MX/SX/Rockstar fan.

Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers

Although I love my high-top Chucks, I wanted to get a low-top version as well. Sometimes the high-tops are just too much of a struggle to put on and take off, and I want something easier to deal with. Anyway, instead of going with the exact same shoe, I decided to give Jack Purcell a try.

Jack Purcells have been around forever, and look pretty much the same as Chucks. The most noticeable differences are the telltale “smile” on the toebox and the bit of extra padding in the sole. Otherwise, you’re still getting a basic canvas sneaker that goes with everything.

Jack Purcell is a shoe that a lot of celebrities seem to wear. If you check out, you’ll see a whole slideshow of 50+ celebs from Natalie Portman to Kristen Stewart, Kurt Cobain, Chace Crawford, and more sporting these kicks. While that wasn’t the main reason I bought these, I do have to admit that seeing Natalie Teeger wear them in a couple episodes of “Monk” didn’t hurt!

Anyway, I’ve been using these for a few weeks already and I love them! They’re comfortable and they really DO go with everything. I already want to get a white pair to mix in with the black ones that I purchased. I think white would look great in the summer. Good thing these shoes are only 60 bucks!

Theory Black Pencil Skirt

theory pencil skirt I’ve been slowly refreshing my work wardrobe, as most of my “nicer” clothes are looking worn out these days. I’m starting with the basics, which is why I recently purchased this black pencil skirt from Theory.

Theory is a brand that I love, but can rarely afford. For example, this pencil skirt retails for $150–a price I would never pay–but I was able to find it on sale for just over half price.

Anyway, this skirt is made of 89% Viscose, 8% polyamide, and 3% Spandex. It’s very form fitting, yet stretchy. Even though it’s tight, I’m able to move around very well and it’s comfortable to wear. Plus, it has a slimming effect on the lower abdomen, which is ALWAYS nice!

This Theory pencil skirt hits at the knee and can be paired with just about anything: dress shirts, blouses, tanks, camis, sweaters, etc. It’s versatile, and can be worn to work or out to an event. Basically, it’s a must-have and I absolutely love it!

Nine West Reversible Belt

nine west reversible belt I’ve recently added a lot of browns to my wardrobe, and as a result have had to buy a bunch of matching accessories as well. One such accessory that I needed was a new belt. After a bit of a search, I was able to find this nice Nine West black/brown reversible belt.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a reversible, but once I saw this one it made sense. I like the way it looks, it’s the perfect width (neither too skinny nor too thick), and it has a cool little buckle. It fits just right, too, as I’m able to buckle it at the middle hole. So why bother trying to find two great belts (one in black, one in brown) when I could just grab this reversible and get twice as much use out of it?

The only potential problem some people might have with this product is figuring out how to get the belt to reverse. What you have to do is pull the buckle up a bit and then twist it around (it splits between the “Nine West” stamped hardware and the end of the buckle hardware). I couldn’t figure it out on my own in the store and had to ask the salesperson for help before I bought the thing.

Anyway, this belt is $28, which is a decent price for what is essentially two accessories. I love it so far!

Closet Organization

I need to get serious about organizing my closets. I keep buying more and more stuff without getting rid of the stuff I already have, which makes for a sketchy storage situation.

Right now I don’t have any special system. I just hang what I can on hangers and stack other items on the floor and shelves. I think it would really help to buy a handful of stackable storage bins for the miscellany I’ve accumulated. Even doing that little bit should improve the situation immensely!

Jorg Gray “Monk” watch

jorg gray monk watch I’ve been trying to buy “Monk” memorabilia recently. Because the show has been off the air for several years, I find myself paying premium prices for rather ordinary items that were once sold in the USA Network store. But I just write that off as the cost of being late to the party.

Anyway, my most recent purchase was this Jorg Gray limited edition “Monk” watch. It has a stainless steel back, a leather strap, and is water resistant. The face has the old USA Network logo on it, as well as the MONK title in the show’s familiar font. It also features a picture of Tony Shalhoub pulling his sweater up over his nose and mouth — a familiar sight to any fan, as this particular image is used in the opening credits.

The watch comes in a tin gift box (also with the USA Network logo) that says “It’s time for more Monk”. There’s a round opening so that the watch face can be seen even when it is in the box.

TBH, this looks like a pretty cheap watch. The leather strap isn’t anything special, and would probably fall apart within a year of daily use. And the case, dial, visible components, etc. all have a light, flimsy feel to them. Then again, I bought this to display, not to wear.

I’d be surprised if this Jorg Gray limited edition Monk watch retailed for more than $30 at the USA store. I paid about $45 for it, which I know damn well is too much. But I wanted to add this to my collection, which meant I was at the mercy of whichever eBay seller I bought it from….

The Killers t-shirt

the killers tee I’m a fan of The Killers and wanted to buy something with the band’s name on it. They have a pretty decent selection of t-shirts on their website, so I chose the one pictured here.

The shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and is made by Gildan Softstyle. It’s comfortable right out of the box and the sizing seems fairly accurate (if a tad on the small side). But the quality leaves a bit to be desired. The shirt is pretty thin and flimsy — to the point where I won’t trust this to the dryer even though it’s preshrunk. I can’t imagine this thing standing up to too many dry cycles without shrinking at all.

The graphics are good, though. They’re sublimated, I think, and therefore won’t crack or peel off as time goes on.

Anyway, this thing cost $25, which is definitely too high for the quality. Then again, I guess that’s to be expected from band tees, right?

Dana Scully’s cross pendant

smooth cross pendant I don’t go out of my way to copy a favorite celebrity’s style, but sometimes I like to pick up an affordable accessory here and there. One thing I’ve been meaning to get over the years is a simple cross pendant like the one Dana Scully wore on X-Files. Yeah, I know the show has been off the air for more than 10 years, but the characters live on through my frequent DVD viewings!

Anyway, the only photos I can find of Scully’s cross are lo-res, so it’s kind of hard to tell exactly what it looks like. But I think the gold cross here comes pretty darn close. Then again, on second thought this one might be too smooth?? I’m not sure now. Guess I’ll have to do more research!