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“Controversial” Levi’s Jeans Ad

I saw a post about this on Yahoo, and they apparently got it from someone (or some site) named “Copyranter”, so that’s who gets the credit (including the photo).

Anyway, one of the latest Levi’s ads is causing quite a stir. It says “hotness comes in all shapes and sizes,” yet the three models featured on the page are all slim and, well, model-ish. The only noticeable difference between them is their butt size, and even that’s negligible. Take a look:

So of course people are up in arms about this, saying those aren’t different shapes at all, where are the “plus sizes,” yada, yada, yada.

Usually I don’t care about this kind of controversy, but in this case, I totally agree with the negative reactions. I mean, come on!! What kind of idiotic executive could look at that picture and NOT envision the fallout? How did this thing ever get approved???

Oh, well… I haven’t worn Levi’s since high school and don’t plan to pick up a pair anytime soon.