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First iBooks Purchase

I am a devoted Kindle fan and prefer reading books on that device over my iPad. Therefore, even though I’ve had an iPad for 2 years, I’ve never bothered checking out the iBook store for a novel — until yesterday. (I did buy an Algebra textbook from there a little while ago.)

I was in the mood to read the next Agatha Christie book on my list, which happened to be By the Pricking of My Thumbs. For some unknown reason, the Kindle store didn’t have the book available — despite the fact that many, MANY other Christie titles are well-represented in the e-book market.

Because I couldn’t find it on Amazon, I decided to give the iBook store a try. It was there for $6.99, so I downloaded it.

The iBooks transaction was fast and smooth (as expected), and the iBooks interface is every bit as useful as the Kindle (meaning I can search the text, change font size, look up words, etc.). I’m still not too keen on reading for long stretches with the iPad’s backlight, so I doubt I’ll be buying too many books from their store; but this is a good backup for those times when I can’t find what I want at Amazon.