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Breaking Bad Season 1 on iTunes

For the first time ever, I purchased a television show from iTunes. I decided to get all of Season 1 of Breaking Bad because I’ve heard too many good things about the show to ignore it any longer. This isn’t going to be a review of the actual program or anything; I just wanted to share my buying experience for those of you who might not have done this before.

First, Breaking Bad is a cable show, which means there’s bound to be profanity and nudity to go along with excessive violence and gore. But for some reason, the iTunes version puts sepia bars over nude body parts and mutes the profanity! WTF???!!! Is this pretty standard for iTunes or is it a particular quirk of Breaking Bad? Whatever the case, I would have liked to have known about it beforehand, since it does impact the viewing experience a bit.

Second, I opted to save six bucks and just purchase the standard version over the HD version. The picture quality isn’t as crisp, obviously, but it’s still watchable. Maybe next time I’ll get HD just for the sake of comparison.

Finally, I do like how easy the process was overall. I simply selected the show/season I wanted, downloaded the episodes to iTunes, and was watching on my computer just a few minutes later. When watching, iTunes remembers your viewing location within the episode, so I can shut it down anytime and then pick right up where I left off. Plus, don’t forget iCloud, which also allows me to watch on my iPad for mobile viewing.

Overall, I think buying TV seasons on iTunes is a very convenient way to watch shows. I like not having to worry about storing/reselling/getting rid of DVD box sets, and think I may just go digital with TV and movies from now on. I’ll probably discover some negatives as I familiarize myself more with watching on iTunes, but for now I’m sold!