The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!


A few of my younger friends have toddlers that are just beginning to crawl and become more mobile, so they’ve been asking me for advice about childproofing their homes and so forth. Along with the usual ideas about buying corner protectors for tables and other sharp edges and plugging up unused electrical outlets, I recommended switching to cordless blinds as well.

Cordless blinds can be operated without the dangerous cords that dangle very low and pose a hazard to both children and pets. They look just as good as regular blinds, too, so there’s absolutely no reason not to get them.

As hard as you try, you cannot have an eye on your toddler every second of every day. The last thing you want is a serious injury due to the child getting tangled up in a cord while you’re off answering the doorbell or something. Why take unnecessary risks where children are concerned? Just go cordless!