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Timex Expedition Camper Watch

Have you noticed that simplicity is “in” these days? This seems to be especially true when it comes to watches. Instead of blinged out $10,000 Rolexes or whatever, people seem to be wearing much simpler items. I recently had a yearning to go back to basics as well, and bought this Timex Expedition Camper Watch from Amazon.

First, let me say that the cheapest watch I’ve had since high school was a Gucci, so I did enjoy nice timepieces before. I never thought I would buy a Timex, but this one looked pretty appealing as a sports or casual/at-home watch and since it was only about $25, I decided to try it. If I didn’t like it, I’d just give it away or dump it.

Anyway, this thing is as basic as they come. It is lightweight, has a very thin nylon band, a second hand, and … well, that’s about it, actually. It doesn’t even have a date function or LED feature. The hour and minute hands glow in the dark a little bit, but that’s as fancy as this thing gets.

But you know what? I like it! It’s so damn light that I often forget that I’m even wearing it. It keeps accurate time and does what I expect. What more could I ask? If I wanted fancier functions, I’d pay for a better what, ya know?

Some other reviewers have complained that the ticking is too loud. While it is pretty noticeable, I wouldn’t say that it’s Tell-Tale Heart annoying. I can live with it. Oh, and despite the manufacturers claims that this watch is water resistant to 99ft, so many reviewers have said otherwise that I’m not letting this thing go anywhere near water.

Overall, for a $25 watch, I’m completely satisfied. If it lasts me for one year, I’ll be golden!