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Mario Kart 7

I don’t play many video games, but I do love the Mario Kart franchise, so when I heard that Mario Kart 7 was coming out for the 3DS, I not only went out and bought the game, but had to buy the handheld system as well. After a couple weeks of playing it, I’d say both of my purchases were well worth the money!

Mario Kart 7 brings fans the same great racing action that they’ve come to expect from the series, with a few added twists. For example, you can now customize your kart by choosing the frame, tires, and kite from various presets and unlockables. Yes, I said “kite” — there’s also some fun flying action in the game when your kart takes off from a particularly long jump! In addition, you can do tricks over each jump (this was introduced in the Mario Kart Wii version) for an extra little burst of speed upon landing.

The physics of the racing itself has remained pretty much the same, so if you’re a veteran of the Mario Kart series, it shouldn’t take you long to master this game. Also, out of the 32 available tracks, 16 are brand-new and 16 are old favorites from previous incarnations of the game. And some of the tracks are just a long, single-lap race instead of the standard 3-lap race that you might be used to. But those are still fun.

The unlockable characters aren’t all that great. You get the bee from Super Mario Galaxy, the big caterpillar from one of the Mario Kart tracks, the ghost (I don’t know the thing’s name, but it’s not King Boo), and something called Metal Mario that is basically a silver Mario that looks like it’s made of metal (and sounds like it’s talking from under water).

There are also the familiar mini-games/challenges, time attack mode, and balloon battle, as well as online gameplay.

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is a worthy entry into the series, and a fun game that Mario Kart enthusiasts simply must buy. I highly recommend this one!