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Scrabble App for iPad

I mostly use my iPad to browse the Internet and check emails, so I don’t have nearly as many apps as other people. But after reading so many terrific reviews of the Scrabble app by Electronic Arts, I decided to try it out for myself. After all, I used to love playing Scrabble, but haven’t done so in many, many years since my husband doesn’t care for it.

Anyway, it took a leap of faith to pay the $9.99 for the app. That’s a pretty steep price as far as apps go. I think prior to this, the most expensive app I purchased cost $5.99 or something. As I was buying it, I thought the app better be damned good to warrant this price. It is.

Users get several different playing modes to choose from, as well as a number of different gameplay options. For example, you can play solo against the CPU, challenge friends on Facebook, play against someone else over a WiFi connection, or use the Pass ‘n’ Play mode for multiple players on the same device. As far as gameplay goes, you can choose Classic Scrabble, or quick versions like a 75- or 150-point game or an 8- or 12-round game. You can also choose something called “Duplicate” in which you and the other player/CPU use the same rack of tiles. The person/AI that come up with the word that scores the most points gets the points for that turn. I guess it’s supposed to even out the “luck of the draw” thing as far as choosing tiles goes, but I haven’t actually tried that option yet. You can also set the difficulty level (easy, normal, hard) and use the Best Word feature for some CPU help if you get stuck (up to four assists per game).

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this app! It is so awesome being able to play against the computer for a quick game whenever I want. At first, I tried Easy mode, but that wasn’t challenging enough. Then I moved up to Normal, and found the gameplay to be much better — though the CPU always comes up with the highest-scoring, most obscure words ever! I was hooked on the Best Word feature for a while, but then figured, what’s the point of playing if I don’t try to come up with my own words? So now I don’t use it at all. My favorite setting is a 150-point game against the CPU in Normal mode. So much fun!

Overall, Scrabble for iPad is probably the best app I’ve ever purchased. This game is totally addictive, and has caused me to waste several hours per day ever since I purchased it. Yes, it’s that good! I highly recommend this version for Scrabble fans.