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I listen to lots of audiobooks on my iPod. These days, I get 100 percent of my audiobooks from my library as a free download. The files are valid for 14 days, after which time the DRM kicks in and they are no longer playable. That’s fine with me; I have no use for the files after I finish listening to them.

My bigger problem is that most of the books at my library come in .wma format, which doesn’t work on my iPod. I’m not going to sit at my computer and listen to books via the Windows Media Player, so to get around that problem, I use a converter program to convert .wma to .mp3. I usually use Daniusoft, but recent problems with that software prompted me to purchase something called Audials TuneBite.

TuneBite’s conversion process essentially consists of playing the entire file back and re-recording the data in the desired format. I wasn’t prepared for that, as that’s not how Daniusoft works. It was a bit jarring the first time I ran TuneBite to hear the files actually being played back. Oh, well, at least there’s a mute button! Also, before purchasing Audials, I read something that says it converts at 50x speed. This was a big selling point for me because converting long audiobook files takes forever. But that number is actually a bit misleading. A single file can only be converted at 2x speed. The 50x number comes in because TuneBite is capable of converting up to 25 files simultaneously. I wasn’t too pleased about that.

I don’t know why, but I found the TuneBite interface to be very confusing. It took me quite a while to figure out what buttons I needed to push in order to get my conversions going because it’s just not intuitive at all. All of the TuneBite ads say it’s “easy to use”. Not for me, though. Daniusoft is MUCH easier in this regard because there are far fewer options to choose from.

Speaking of options TuneBite can do A LOT more than just convert .wma to .mp3, so I’m sure I’m missing out on a ton of awesome features. But I really have no use for anything else and bought this software specifically for converting audiobooks to a format my iPod can handle.

Anyway, if you just need a conversion program for the most basic functions (like I do), then TuneBite is probably too much software. I’d stick with Daniusoft or something else that costs a bit less than the $26.90 Audials charges. Just remember, TuneBite can do a lot more than I’ve talked about here; my review is strictly for the .wma –> .mp3 conversion feature.

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