The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Christmas Wish List ’10

I’ve been thinking a little bit about what I want for Christmas this year, but can’t really decide on a big present to get. There are a bunch of random DVDs and books that I want, and of course AMC movie theater gift cards are always welcome. Aside from those things, I’m not really sure. I love electronics and gadgets, so I plan on doing some browsing for Cyber Monday today, but again, I don’t have any specific products targeted as of yet. Actually, I could use a navigation system for my car, so that might be something to look for. I would also like to get a new refrigerator, but that hardly qualifies as a Christmas gift, right? Hmm… decisions, decisions.

Contact info updated

OK, I’ve finally updated the contact page and now have a new email address that hasn’t been inundated by spam (yet). So if you have any questions or comments about any of the products you see on this blog or if you want to send me freebies, pass along tradeshow giveaways and promotional items, or even complain about an entry, feel free to send me an email. I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP — even if your comments are less than flattering!

MD Clear?

Have any of you ever tried any Perricone acne products? Although I think the worst of my acne problems are behind me, I’m still prone to occasional cyclical/hormonal breakouts and need some good products to help me get through that one bothersome week per month.

At first, I heard a few really encouraging things about md clear, but then I started reading some conflicting reviews and now I’m not so sure anymore. Is this product worth the money? If any of you has any personal experience with it, please let me know!

Countdown to Black Friday!

First, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope you have a great day, however you choose to celebrate. Second, let the countdown to Black Friday begin! There are few things better than the huge discounts to be had on the first official shopping day of the Christmas season, so go out there and see what you can find. I only wish the deals extended to services like car insurance or health insurance. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick up a super cheap auto insurance policy on Black Friday as easily as you can pick up a cheap television? Why don’t services get in on the seasonal action like this?

Anyway, if you’re camping out overnight to make sure you’re near the front of the line, be sure to dress appropriately. Oh, and watch out for the stampede once the doors open. Saving money is great, but it’s not worth losing life or limb, know what I mean?

Missing ingredient

If you read this blog regularly, then you probably know about the struggles I’ve had with fitness and weight loss. I’m always looking at products that will help me get in shape or supplements that will help me keep the weight off. I also read widely about the topic and enjoy listening to the different opinions all the experts have.

One thing that has caught my attention recently is the fact that I might be stuck on this plateau because I’m not taking in enough calories. Basically, if my body isn’t getting enough calories, it will go into “starvation mode” and cling tightly to as much fat as possible. So the solution is to take in a couple hundred additional calories (healthy calories, of course) each day.

I already feel as though I’m eating a lot, so I’m thinking of adding my calories in the form of whey protein powder, diet shakes, or power bars. Those ought to be easy to add in at some point during the day, and the extra protein might even help me tone my muscles a bit. That would be a win-win situation for sure!

Winter slip-ons

I don’t really like to wear socks, even in winter. This isn’t a problem in the house, of course, as I can just walk around pretty comfortably in my bare feet or throw on a pair of slippers if I get a bit cold. But I going out is another matter. I tend to use my summer slides all year round, so it’s not unusual to see me in slides (with no socks, of course) in the middle of December as I’m dropping my Christmas cards off at the post office or whatever.

Anyway, because of my distaste for socks, I thought these winter slip-ons from Skechers would be perfect for me. They’re faux fur-lined, making them warm and comfortable even in the dead of winter. And though they might not look like the shoes womens magazines tend to highlight in ad campaigns, they’re just my style. I think they look great, and at $39.95, they’re a good bargain as well.

I can’t decide whether to buy these now or drop some hints and hope that Santa brings me a pair!

Buying a Mountain Bike

I’ve been walking and running for exercise for the past two years, but have been getting nagging little injuries from doing so. For example, I frequently experience soreness in my knees, and I’ve had both an ankle problem and a foot problem that sidelined me for a couple weeks each. I think I need to change up my routine a bit by adding a low-impact, high-cardio exercise to my regimen, which is why I’m thinking about buying a mountain bike. We have a nice long trail pretty close to the house, so I’d easily be able to fit in some decent rides of 20 miles or more. The only problem is getting the bike.

Why is this a problem? Because of the price, for one thing. I have seen some bikes that cost $10,000!!! Can you believe that?! Obviously that’s something only a pro would consider, but still… Even some of the entry-level models for beginners cost more than $1,000. And there are so many different options to choose from. I know nothing about bikes, so I have no idea which features are critical and which I can live without. Who knew buying a bicycle these days would require as much research as buying a car??? Wow. I’m obviously going to have to spend more time on this one….

iPod Case

I was jogging today and somehow stumbled over an uneven part of the sidewalk. I didn’t fall down, but my ipod nano got dislodged from my pocket and crashed to the ground. Fortunately, it was in a hard plastic case. The case did its job and protected my device, but it got cracked in the process. So this weekend I need to go out and get another case. Kind of a hassle, but much better (and cheaper) than having to get a new iPod!