Joint diets

My husband and I both need to lose a few extra pounds, so we’ve decided to go on a joint diet. Well, we’re not actually following the same diet, but we’ve made a pact about severely limiting the amount of junk food we buy and we’re not going to go out to restaurants as frequently as we normally do. In addition, we’re going to be exercising together, and we might start taking the same supplements.

Last month, I posted about Drew Carey’s weight loss, and joked about how he might have used conjugated linoleic acid or something to help him along. Well, that actually got me thinking about the product, and I looked up some info on it. I was particularly interested in learning what the most common conjugated linoleic acid side effects are. When I read that there are none (unless you happen to be allergic to some of the ingredients), I figured this would be a good product to try. Maybe Jerry and I will buy a couple bottles and see where it gets us!

Anyway, I’m glad I now have company in my seemingly endless quest for a slimmer body. Hopefully the buddy system will work for us!

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