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Vacation time

If ever I have been in need of a vacation, this is it. My stress levels are at an all-time high because of work and school right now. I am currently working on my Master’s thesis, which obviously takes a lot of time and effort, and trying to fit that in while still working 20 hours a week is really wearing me down. Plus, I still have to do what I can in terms of housework and cooking, so it’s really tough to stay on top of things. I would love to take a short vacation to give myself a chance to decompress and regroup.

I have heard wonderful things about the Outer Banks, and ever since reading the Nicholas Sparks book Rodanthe Nights a while ago, I’ve wanted to visit the place. It would be amazing to spend a week or so in one of the nicer Outer Banks rentals — like Seahawk House (pictured) by Carolina Designs. The property is in a very quiet location and has so many amenities that we would never have to leave! But it’s also situated within easy access to Duck Village if we wanted to go shopping or check out a terrific sunset.

While I doubt that I’ll actually be able to spare the time to go on vacation, it’s still nice to sit here and dream about it! Maybe someday we’ll be able to go….