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Too young?

This past summer my 7-year-old son went fishing with my husband several times and absolutely loved it. He had a blast with the whole process: waking up at the crack of dawn, driving to the lake, going out on a friend’s boat, etc. He even started baiting his own hooks at the end there, which is something I could never do!

Anyway, he’s recently been asking for a pocket knife of his own to use on future fishing trips. Is 7 too young for a pocket knife? We wouldn’t let him carry it around on a daily basis, of course, but would hold it for him and just let him use it while fishing or hiking. If we got him one of those speed safe knives that open more smoothly than regular knives, would that help? It should be noted that the boy will be 8 soon after Christmas and is a bit more mature than kids his age.

Still… this is something we’re going to have to think about some more. I remember being fascinated with pocket knives when I was that age too, but I didn’t actually get one until I was 10 or so.