The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Tim Tebow for Jockey

Former Florida Gators star quarterback Tim Tebow signed on to be a spokesman for Jockey back at the beginning of the NFL season. Tebow is now a backup QB with the Denver Broncos, and even though he doesn’t see the field very often, he has an extremely rabid fan base. It’s no wonder he has endorsement deals despite simply carrying a clipboard and stalking the sidelines every Sunday.

Anyway, has Tebow actually produced any Jockey ads since being named spokesperson? I don’t watch live TV anymore (TiVo all the way) and don’t subscribe to any magazines, so I wouldn’t know. This is something I’ll have to check up on a bit later — just out of curiosity and not because I think Tebow is a fairly good-looking young man! 😉

ESPN Gameday @ MU

It’s usually a pretty big thing when the ESPN Gameday crew comes to your college campus. They only go to the biggest matchups of the season, and those tend to involve the same powerhouses year after year: Florida, USC, Alabama, etc. So when Gameday decided to go to Columbia, MO for the Mizzou vs. Oklahoma game last week, it was a huge day for the Tigers. The school decided to commemorate the occasion by releasing these ESPN Gameday shirts in Mizzou colors. I’d like to get one, but at $20, I think I’ll wait until they go on sale. Most items that are dated like this eventually get marked way down, so my patience should pay off in the form of at least a $10 savings.

Baby Birthday Gifts

I thought I was done buying baby gifts until I become a grandmother. After all, my friends are all in their mid- to late-thirties by now, and those who are planning to have children have more than likely already done so. I figured I’d seen the last of those cute 1st birthday invitations, but I got another one today — from a former co-worker that I’ve kept in touch with sporadically through Facebook.

While I don’t think I could sit through an entire party, I do plan on sending a gift. I was browsing around a bit today and found this adorable little onesie that says “I’m One” on it. It’s affordable, appropriate, and useful, so why not? If I remember correctly this co-worker bought something for one of my son’s birthdays back when we were in the same office. Time for me to return the gesture, I guess!

Good credit scores

Remember when 680 used to be considered a good credit score? If your rating was in this area, then you could probably qualify for the best rates on loans, credit cards, etc. But according to this article I just read over at SmartMoney, now you need at least a 720 to qualify for those same perks.

Frankly, I don’t really understand how credit scores are calculated and don’t pay attention to mine. All I know is that I pay my bills on time (ALWAYS) and don’t have a wallet full of credit cards that I never use. I probably don’t have a perfect score though, as I never carry a balance or incur extra fees and penalties. Of course lenders WANT people to carry a balance on their cards, so I doubt I’m viewed as desirable.

Anyway, if you’re interested in “how 720 became the new 680”, then click through to that SmartMoney article.

Missouri Tigers Long Sleeve Tee

Since I work from home most of the time, I almost always wear tee shirts. As you can tell from this blog, my tastes run to sports team logos, so you can almost always find me in a football or hockey-related shirt. In the summer, I go with short sleeve tees, and then when the weather turn cooler, I go with long sleeves or a sweatshirt. That’s why my purchase of this Missouri Tigers Long Sleeve Tee comes at just the right time.

There’s really not a whole lot to say about this particular shirt. It’s made by Campus One, is gray with yellow lettering and a Tiger head logo, and has ribbed cuffs on the sleeves. It’s a good shirt and has been durable through a couple of wash cycles already. The only problem is that the sizes run a bit small. I ordered a medium, but it fits more like a small, which unfortunately exposes my spare tire. I guess my options now are to buy a larger shirt or figure out how lose stubborn belly fat quickly so I don’t look as bad. Let’s go with the latter — it’ll save me some bucks and have a positive impact on my health overall!

Anyway, if you’re a student/alumni/fan of the Missouri Tigers, then you can’t really go wrong adding this shirt to your wardrobe.

1,000 Posts!

In looking at my dashboard today, I saw that this will be my 1,000th post here at The Chronic Consumer! It has taken me about 2 and a half years to get to this point, and I’ve had fun doing it. Keeping this blog makes shopping all the more interesting, and also gives me an excuse to buy certain products that I might not otherwise try.

Well, here’s to the next thousand…!

Second-hand beauty supplies

Do you think passing off beauty supplies to close friends or family members is acceptable? I do, but when I casually mentioned this to a friend, she thought it was gross. To put it in context, since I no longer have a problem with adult acne, I’m giving my high school-aged cousin a couple tubes of salicylic acid products that are practically full. My friend thought this was the nastiest thing she ever heard. But why?? It’s not as though the products were applied internally or contain any germs from my old zits, right? Plus, the things were expensive — like $15-$20 per tube, so I couldn’t bear to just throw them out.

Personally, I think my friend is overreacting. How about you? Is it OK to pass on beauty supplies like this?

Joint diets

My husband and I both need to lose a few extra pounds, so we’ve decided to go on a joint diet. Well, we’re not actually following the same diet, but we’ve made a pact about severely limiting the amount of junk food we buy and we’re not going to go out to restaurants as frequently as we normally do. In addition, we’re going to be exercising together, and we might start taking the same supplements.

Last month, I posted about Drew Carey’s weight loss, and joked about how he might have used conjugated linoleic acid or something to help him along. Well, that actually got me thinking about the product, and I looked up some info on it. I was particularly interested in learning what the most common conjugated linoleic acid side effects are. When I read that there are none (unless you happen to be allergic to some of the ingredients), I figured this would be a good product to try. Maybe Jerry and I will buy a couple bottles and see where it gets us!

Anyway, I’m glad I now have company in my seemingly endless quest for a slimmer body. Hopefully the buddy system will work for us!