Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Champions Blu-ray

As soon as the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup back in June, I started shopping for a few commemorative items in celebration of the championship. One of the products I pre-ordered from Amazon was this Blu-ray disc featuring some highlights from the 2009-10 season. According to the product details over at the official NHL Shop, this disc would feature:

  • Full coverage of the winning season
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Behind-the-scenes action
  • Includes footage of the celebratory parade
  • Approx. Run Time: 120 minutes

Sounds good, right? But actually, the “full coverage of the winning season” bit was not true at all. The disc just glossed over the entire regular season in less than 10 minutes, showing only a few highlights, such as footage from the team’s opening games in Finland (which were already available on the Blackhawks website anyway), the come-from-behind victory over the Flames in October, the Mitchell hit on Toews that put him out for a few weeks, and Hossa’s return from shoulder surgery. I mean, I wasn’t expecting highlights from all 82 games, but that was skimpy.

Things picked up a bit for the playoff run, but even there, the highlights were lacking and felt rushed, particularly for the Nashville, Vancouver, and San Jose series. They showed only a few goals from each series, and the narration barely set up the scenarios. As a result, what should have been some dramatic moments were again merely glossed over and came across as kinda dull.

The Stanley Cup Finals received the bulk of the coverage, as expected, with very detailed highlights from all six games. This part of the Blu-ray was superb.

The extra features weren’t that great, particularly since most of the stuff can be called up on YouTube. The features about Toews and Kane’s draft days were excellent, though. It was amazing to watch those scenes knowing how those picks would pay off so quickly.

Also, the back of my Blu-ray packaging (which is EXTREMELY flimsy and CHEAP, btw) says that this disc is 250 minutes long. That is nowhere near the truth, though. I think they must be including the “exclusive features via BD Live” in that time estimate. The season/playoff recap is only an hour and three minutes, and the extras are anywhere from 3-8 minutes each. The BD Live stuff was basically just short features that are available on the website. Again, nothing special there, and these clips definitely should not have counted towards the overall running time.

Overall, I feel that $24.99 was a bit steep for what this Blu-ray contains. I think $19.99 would be a much more appropriate price — and someone really needs to address the inaccurate advertising in the product description on the NHL Shop website!!

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