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Spectrum Spelling — Grade 1

My son has a bit of trouble with spelling and reading, so I’ve been doing extra work with him whenever possible. In order to give our study sessions some direction, I decided to buy a workbook that would help focus our energies. The one I bought is called Spectrum Spelling Grade 1.

This book was developed by early education specialists, and contains many features that I like. For example, the phonics exercises cover both long and short vowels in addition to standard sounds like “A is for apple”. Moreover, the book presents a lot of so-called “sight words”, which are words like “the”, “said”, “you”, “many”, etc. — the ones that you can’t really sound out.

There are a bunch of different lessons that include not only spelling and phonics drills, but also “authentic” writing activities that require the student to think about a topic and write a few sentences about it (for example, “Write about something you like to make.”). This puts the spelling drills into context and really helps solidify the lessons.

Spectrum Spelling Grade 1 has helped my son brush up on some of the basics that he should have learned last year. This is a great book for homeschoolers or for those who just want extra practice over the summer — like us. At $10, you can’t really go wrong with this choice!