The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Free Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

dunkin-donuts-coffee As you probably know, Chicago has submitted a bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games. The IOC is currently evaluating all the candidates, and will release the name of the winner in the next few days. To celebrate the event, Chicago-area Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants will be giving patrons FREE 14-oz. coffees all day long — regardless of the Olympic outcome. No purchase or coupon is necessary; limit one per customer.

Dunkin’ Donuts Field Marketing manager Kathy Nowicki said:

“Of course, we all hope to be celebrating the 2016 Summer Games coming to our city, but win or lose, the free 14-ounce coffee is Dunkin’ Donuts’ way of saying thank you to Chicago for all the support and hard work in showcasing our city.”

I am not that big a coffee drinker, but I think the brew at DD is pretty good. I just have to convince myself to use it to wash down my weight loss pills instead of a couple of donuts! I’m actually making a tiny bit of progress in the diet department, and am creeping down to my weight goal. The last thing I need is to be derailed by a free cup of coffee that turns into 1000 calories because of some accompanying donuts!

Blackhawks Playoff Puck

blackhawks playoffs puck I used to be a huge hockey fan, but gave it up when my hometown Blackhawks hit a terribly long losing skid from about the mid-’90s on. Then last year, the team finally made the playoffs again, and the mood in Chicago totally changed. The city was enamored with all the fresh, young, exciting players on the team, guys like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, and everywhere I went, it was Blackhawks, Blackhawks, Blackhawks. People were driving around blaring their horns and flashing their led tail lights… it was just crazy. And very hard not to get involved again.

So I started watching and soon fell back in love with the team. Even after they lost to the Detroit Red Wings in the Conference Finals, I was so thrilled to be a hockey fan again that I decided to splurge on a few purchases, including an official puck to commemorate the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The puck has the Blackhawks Indian head logo on one side, and the Stanley Cup logo on the other. It is a cool piece of memorabilia, and though it’s not as special to buy one of these as to score a souvenir at an actual game, I still love it. It sits on my desk as a paperweight, and every time I look at it I can’t help counting down the days until the regular season begins.

Lots of people seem to think that it’s now or never for the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup, because soon enough the salary cap and free agency will ravage the lineup. I’m not sure what the future holds for the players, but as a fan, I’d certainly love to see the cup come back to Chicago in 2010!

Jay Cutler Jersey

bears cutler It was my birthday last week, and my wonderful husband got me a great present. He knows that the Chicago Bears are my favorite football team and that I’m excited about the newest addition, quarterback Jay Cutler. So I was thrilled to unwrap a brand-new Jay Cutler jersey on my b-day!

It’s a Reebok jersey with Reebok logos on both shoulders, as well as the NFL Equipment shield on the front. It has the player’s name and team graphics screenprinted on it, as well as a jock tag for greater authenticity. My Cutler jersey is a women’s model, so it has a slimmer fit and isn’t as long as the men’s version, but it’s still an XL, so I don’t have to worry about quaffing diet pills in order to fit in it.

It’s gameday today and I’m planning to wear my new Cutler jersey while I watch my Bears play in HD. Yes, it does make the game more fun! Bear down!

Moonlighting Season 5 DVDs

moonlighting-s5 I don’t remember watching Season 5 of Moonlighting when it aired. I think I’d given up on the show by then, probably because the horrendous 4th season pretty much destroyed the program as I knew it. So I was looking forward to this DVD set, as much for the episodes themselves as for any extras they might contain.

I guess it’s good that I was more interested in the episodes, because there really weren’t any extras to speak of. There’s commentary on exactly two eps, and a 3-minute screen test of Bruce and Cybill acting out a scene from the pilot. The screen test makes no sense on its own, so you have to listen to the commentary by the creators to understand what was going on. Even then, you don’t learn anything earth-shattering.

The episodes themselves weren’t as bad as I was expecting, to be honest. From the way Season 4 unraveled, I thought Maddie would end up married to a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney she meets on a plane, just as she married the insufferable Walter Bishop in S4. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but by the time the last ep rolled, I could see why the show had to end. There was simply nothing left to offer.

Overall, I’m glad I have this box set for my collection. Seasons 1 and 2 were the best by far, but I’m glad I got to see the series in its entirety one last time. I have fond memories of Moonlighting from my childhood, and some of these episodes definitely took me back a long way.

Roomba 510

roomba 510 I’ve been hearing about the Roomba for a while now, but never thought it was something that would be useful to me. My thinking changed, however, after I saw the Roomba 510 in action at a friend’s house last week. That little thing is very cool — and it actually works pretty well!

The only thing I’m worried about is the price tag. The Roomba 510 costs $249 at most stores, which is far too much for me — especially since I already have an expensive Dyson to work with. For that kind of money, we could make some very necessary improvements around the house, like upgrading the light fixtures, buying a new dishwasher, or painting a couple of rooms.

I don’t know… I’ll put the Roomba 510 on my Wish List for now, but I have a feeling this is a product I won’t end up purchasing anytime soon.

Tigers SportBud Headphones

sportbud I cannot stand the standard headphones that come with Apple iPods. They always seem to fall apart on me even though I’m not particularly hard on them. This happened again very recently, and instead of getting some cheapo replacements, I decided to spring for a two-pack of Missouri Tigers SportBuds.

These SportBuds are just your standard headphones that fit MP3 or DVD players, but they come in school colors and have the school logo imprinted on them. The Missouri Tigers pack came with one black pair of headphones and one gold pair. The black headphones have the Tiger head logo on them, while the gold pair has the “M” logo. They also came with a black wind-up carrying case with “Mizzou” imprinted in gold letters.

I wasn’t expecting much as far as sound quality goes, but these Tigers SportsBud headphones are actually pretty good. There’s no noticeable difference between these and my iPod headphones — with the exception that I can’t receive radio broadcasts on the Nano’s FM tuner. But that’s not even a feature I use at all, so it doesn’t matter to me.

These SportBuds were rather pricey at $19.99 for the two pairs. But since I always have my iPod with me, whether I’m hanging out at the beach or nervously waiting on one of those bariatric exam tables at the doctor’s office, I think I’ll get my money’s worth. Plus, they are a great conversation piece, as I’ve already gotten numerous comments from people about them. Hey, it’s always cool to show school spirit!

Under Armour Gear

under armour With colder weather now becoming a reality, I have to think about how I’m going to alter my exercise routine for the fall and winter. I’m enjoying walking and running outside, and want to continue to do so as long as possible without having to head indoors to the gym or give up my routine altogether and simply rely on liporexall or some other supplement instead.

After checking around, I think that investing in Under Armour cold-weather gear would be my best bet. Under Armour is what pro athletes like baseball and football players wear to stay warm and loose when the weather turns bad, so this is a quality product that seems like it would work well for my purposes. The only drawback, of course, is that the stuff is very expensive: around $60 each for a top and bottom, and I’d need at least two sets.

Well, I’m putting these things on my Wish List for now, but honestly I don’t know when I’ll have an extra $120 – $240 to spend on running clothes…. :(

Traffic Boost

I need to get back to marketing this blog properly. I’ve been shamefully neglecting it recently, and have watched my traffic dip accordingly. I want to turn things around as quickly as possible, so I’m going to follow all the standard advice about generating blog traffic: visiting other blogs and leaving comments, responding to comments left here, adding keywords and tags, submitting to sites on this directories list, performing some SEO on old posts, etc.

It’s not going to be easy and I won’t see results immediately, but if I stick with these strategies, I should get the traffic boost that I want.