Argh! Shipping Charges!

Although I love shopping online, I absolutely cannot stand unnecessarily high shipping charges. Yesterday I came across some earbud type earphones for my iPod that I really liked. They were a special pair that had a team logo on them, so they cost $14.99 for a set of two. I was all set to order, but during the checkout process noticed that the store said shipping would be calculated and added at a different time. Well, having recently learned my lesson about allowing a store to add shipping charges later, I decided to just email them for the info instead.

I got a reply within a couple hours, which was great customer service. But get this: they were going to charge $9.90 to ship that $15 product that probably weighed about half a pound total!!! Are you kidding me? What a friggin’ ripoff! There’s no way I would go through with an order like that.

I know the store is not setting the rates. It’s clearly a UPS thing, but still… there’s no excuse for absurd shipping charges like that. Maybe these companies should provide an alternative option (such as the post office) for smaller items that could just be stuffed into a padded envelope and mailed for a buck. Is that really asking too much?!

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