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Getting Rid of Old Books

I don’t buy many physical books anymore since I do most of my reading on my Kindle now, but I still have lots of paperbacks and hardcovers from my pre-Kindle days. I want to get rid of them because they’re simply cluttering up my shelves and taking up space. I haven’t opened any of them in years, and don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing so in the future. I need to get rid of them.

These books are in pretty good condition, aside from being a bit dusty, so it would be a shame to just throw them out with the trash. Luckily enough, I just read in my library’s newsletter that they’re having a book sale in September and they welcome donations for it. Perfect timing! All I have to do now is stack all my unwanted volumes in a couple of leftover moving boxes that I have, and drop them off the next time I head out by the library.

This is a great way for anyone to clear up some extra space on their shelves or simply dispose of books they no longer need. If you’re in the same situation, why not pass your unwanted books on to your local public or school library?