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Tigers Static Cling Decal

CIMG2695 Since I didn’t go to a big school during my undergrad days, I feel strangely compelled to show off my colors now that I’m going to Missouri for graduate school. That’s why I ordered a bunch of apparel and accessories to coincide with the beginning of the new school year, including this Tiger head decal.

This is one of those static cling deals that are both easy to put up and take down. It’s a nice, big 4×9 oval shape, with the Missouri tiger head in the middle and the word “Mizzou” underneath. The oval contains black and gold swirls to further highlight the school’s colors. The decal goes on the inside of a window or windshield, thus protecting it from the weather and so forth.

At just $2.99, this Tiger Static Cling Decal was a great purchase. It’s already up in my car, and now everyone knows where my loyalties lie!