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Positive Resolution!

mu A couple days ago, I posted how I was charged far more than expected for shipping on an order that I placed at MU’s bookstore. The extra charges were applied to my card without anyone from the store notifying me to let me know about the change in price. This really rubbed me the wrong way, and I was extremely ticked off.

Well, to MU’s credit, they handled the situation very promptly once I notified them of my displeasure. I spoke to a manager yesterday morning and told her exactly what happened. To my surprise, she immediately sided with me and agreed that someone should have told me about the higher shipping costs. She then promised to take care of everything — which she did. By the end of the business day, my card was credited for the entire disputed amount.

BTW, I should have specified in my original post that I wasn’t exactly “overcharged” for shipping. MU charged me the full amount that UPS charged them. They weren’t trying to con me or anything. What I meant by overcharged was that I was billed far more than I originally agreed to pay and that nobody asked my permission before doing so.

Anyway, I am thoroughly pleased with MU’s customer service. I was genuinely surprised that the manager didn’t put up the least bit of resistance, as companies usually try to use every excuse in the book rather than refund money. In this case, the person listened to me, agreed with me, promised to fix it, and then did fix it very quickly.

Thumbs up for Missouri’s customer service!