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Formal Wear — Rent or Buy?

tux Do you think it’s worth it for men to buy a tuxedo? Or do you think renting is the best way to go?

I guess most of that depends on your lifestyle. Obviously, a Bruce Wayne type who has to attend a lot of black-tie functions and fundraisers would be better off buying. But if you just need a tux for the odd formal event, like a wedding, prom, or other special occasion, then renting would be fine. After all, what else can you really wear tuxedo shirts with? And it’s not as though those tuxedo pants, with the shiny satin stripe down the side, could double as regular suit pants.

Still… I’ve seen full tuxedos selling online for as little as $140 in some places (obviously not Armani). Since rentals can easily cost $75 or more, you might want to at least check out buying one instead.

Why am I suddenly posting about tuxedos? We have three weddings to go to between now and the end of the year — with my husband being a groomsman in all three!