Overcharged for Shipping

One of the problems with shopping online is that the transaction isn’t completely finished after placing the order.

When you buy something from a store, you just walk in, select the merchandise, pay for it, and leave.

When it’s online, however, you constantly have to monitor a bunch of different things, making the transaction take several days or even weeks. First, you have to place the order and wait for shipping confirmation. Then you have to follow up to make sure the order goes out in a timely fashion. After that, you have to wait a few days to make sure the order arrives, is in good condition, and contains the right products/colors/sizes/quantities. Then you have to check your credit card statement to make sure you were charged the proper amount. Whew! That’s quite a lot!

I’m bringing this up because I’m now in the middle of a headache transaction thanks to the University of Missouri bookstore. When I placed my order, I was quoted one shipping price, but when the order actually shipped, I was charged 3 times the original shipping price! I was ordering heavy textbooks, not just a tiny heart pendant necklace or a t-shirt, so I was prepared to pay more for shipping. But the thing that drives me nuts about this transaction was that MU didn’t even notify me of the higher charges prior to shipping, nor did they give me a chance to cancel!

That is outrageous. If they had notified me, I would have been able to shop around, maybe buy the books from Amazon, B&N, or another discount textbook seller at a lower rate. And who knows, maybe MU actually offers the best rate and I would have had to purchase from there anyway. But the point is that they didn’t even give me the opportunity to agree to the extra charges or take my business elsewhere.

You better believe I will be disputing the extra $40 charged to my credit card. I tried calling the MU bookstore today, but the customer service manager wasn’t there. If they don’t help me, I will go through my credit card company. I should NOT automatically be held liable for whatever the hell the store decides to charge for shipping. I never checked a box or agreed to any terms that said charge me anything you feel like for shipping costs.


4 Comments to “Overcharged for Shipping”

  1. Heath Immel says:

    Dear Chronic Consumer,

    I would be very happy to review your charge and correct any problems with your bill. Please send me your name and order number and I will take a look at it today. Thank you.

    Heath Immel
    Student and Auxiliary Services
    Business Manager

  2. Cassie says:

    I have never heard of that happening before. If a store raises prices after the original order is submitted, they should email you to let you know.

  3. Hello Heath,

    Thank you for writing. The problem has been resolved, and I will be posting again soon to let everyone know about it.

  4. Hello Cassie,

    I agree with you. In all of my previous online shopping experiences, merchants have been very good about contacting me regarding price changes. This was my biggest problem with the transaction I wrote about. Nobody told me about the additional charges before tacking them on to my order.

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