The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Recent Reviews

Looking through my recent reviews has been sort of an eye-opening experience. I’ve reviewed so many snack food items recently that it’s not even funny! From Cadbury Creme Eggs to Almond Crush Pocky, Pepperoni Pizza Combos, Raffaello Chocolates, and Burger King Potato Chips, you guys are probably thinking I need to buy and review some atrophex supplements next!

But I swear, I do more than pig out on junk food all day long! Money is kind of tight right now, so I’m not able to shop for clothes, DVDs, and tech toys as much as I used to. But obviously, I don’t want to simply let this blog die, so I’ve got to review something on these pages, and food items work pretty well in this regard.

Don’t worry, though. I’ve got a bunch of product reviews lined up, and none of them are about snack food!