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Burger King Ketchup & Fries Potato Chips

ketchup-fries A while back, I tried a bag of Burger King Flame Broiled Potato Chips, and while I thought they tasted ok, I didn’t think they were anything special and wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them again. That conclusion didn’t stop me, however, from wanting to try the other flavor of BK chips currently on the market: Ketchup & Fries.

I know some people think that the idea of ketchup potato chips is disgusting, but I tried them about 10 years ago in Canada and thought they weren’t any stranger than other flavors. At any rate, the BK Ketchup & Fries chips didn’t taste exactly like ketchup and fries, but they do have a distinct flavor that is actually pretty good.

These aren’t likely to become my favorite snack food, or even a regular purchase on my weekly grocery shopping trips, but I’d much rather buy these again than the Flame Broiled variety because at least they’re different from everything else out there!