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199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story

I have been a Travis Pastrana fan ever since he first launched his motocross bike into the San Francisco Bay in 1999 after having locked up the Freestyle gold medal at the X Games. Of course, he was fined all of his prize money and had to forfeit the medal, but at the age of 15, he had solidified his position as a freestyle legend.

Pastrana then went on to show that he could do far more than a few tricks on his bike. He became a professional racer on the AMA Motocross and Supercross circuit, winning championship titles in both disciplines before giving up his career because of injuries. Now, a decade late, Travis is the ripe old age of 25… and still going strong as an extreme sports icon and rally car racing hero.

199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story is a biography that chronicles the extreme nature of Pastrana’s life. It shows a bunch of his stunts and tricks, many of which lead to serious injuries (he once separated his spine from his pelvis) or put his life at risk (he jumped out of an airplane without a parachute, trusting a couple of other jumpers to catch him). It always seems that Travis is going at 100 mph, and this film tries to capture that energy and zest for adventure.

I really want to see this DVD, and can’t believe I haven’t ordered it yet. I guess it slipped off my radar because it hasn’t been promoted very much in any avenues that I’m likely to see. At any rate, it’s available now and is just $21.49, so I’m definitely going to order it soon. Travis is one of my favorite motocrossers ever, and the sport really hasn’t been the same without him. It’ll be great to see him in action again!