The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Obama Inauguration Souvenirs

inauguration-souvenirs For those of you who are into such things, either as Obama supporters or political junkies, there’s a wide range of inauguration souvenirs that you can buy online. Occasionally, items like these become highly valued by collectors (decades hence, of course), so who knows what you’re getting into. That $20 t-shirt could be worth $2000 a century from now if you keep it in pristine condition!

Anyway, you can go to places like CafePress or eBay to shop for your Obama inauguration souvenirs. Both sites have items like t-shirts, buttons and pins, mugs, pennants, caps, plates, books, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, and just about everything else you can imagine. Shouldn’t be a problem finding something you like!

Word of Mouth

How much of your shopping is reliant upon word of mouth? You know what I mean, right? When a good friend tells you that this one store has awesome shoes at great prices, then you have to go there for yourself to check it out. Or if the woman sitting in the cubicle next to yours recommends comparing term life insurance quotes online because you can save money that way, then you go and do it.

Personally, I find a lot of terrific new stores and websites via word of mouth. I actually don’t get around a lot, nor do I surf the web too often (past my regular rotation of sites, I mean). So any time someone hears of a good deal and passes it on to me, I’m sure to check it out.

Actually, that’s one of the reasons I started this website. I wanted to be able to share various shopping deals with all of you, just in case you’re in the same boat I am as far as not coming across new stores too often.

Anyway, the next time you get a hot tip from a friend or coworker, why not follow up on it? You never know where it might lead you!