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West Bend Slow Cooker

I’ve made a commitment to cook more meals at home this year. Towards that end, I am looking to buy a few small appliances to make the task a bit easier. This West Bend 5-quart Slow Cooker seems like it will be perfect for my purposes.

My old slow cooker got lots of use, but it’s completely on the fritz and doesn’t work at all anymore. I love to make my own pot roasts and soups, and I feel kind of lost not having a slow cooker at my disposal.

Though I used a different brand before, I’m willing to give West Bend a try based on its excellent customer reviews, good size, reasonable features, and decent price. It’s currently a shade under $50, which is actually less than I paid for my old one.

Anyway, the West Bend Slow Cooker is going on my Wish List for now, but I plan on buying it VERY soon!