Shoplifter Busted!

I was at the drug store picking up a few things today when I watched some young woman get busted for shoplifting by store security. The guy who nabbed her was dressed in plain clothes, and I think what happened was he was watching her on the security monitors in the office area, saw her trying to steal stuff, and then came tearing out to confront her in the store.

I’m not sure what the woman stole, but she was in the acne treatment aisle when she was busted. The security guard asked to look in her bag, and then brought her back to the office area so I didn’t see what happened next.

The whole thing was pretty wild because it happened right in front of me. I never would have pegged that woman as a shoplifter. She was neatly dressed, didn’t look shifty or anything, and just seemed like a regular shopper. I guess you never can tell about people!

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