Two New Suits

I previously mentioned that I need to replace a significant part of my wardrobe because of some recent weight loss. I dropped nine pounds thanks to a good workout routine and some help from a few top diet pills, and while that may not seem like a lot of weight, it’s definitely enough to require new clothes.

So today I went out and bought two new business suits today. I found one at Banana Republic, which is a store I rarely shop at anymore since I don’t often like their styles (or prices). But I loved the “microstripe” suit pictured above, thought it looked good when I tried it on, and decided to get it.

I bought my other suit from J. Crew. That’s where I usually go for my work outfits since their clothes usually fit me very well.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to go into the office on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, so I’ll be able to wear my new suits then. I can’t wait!

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