The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

A note about NFL Game Pass

Last week I wrote a post about how NFL Game Pass from Yahoo! Sports is now accepting sign-ups for the 2008 season. What I neglected to mention, but which several readers have pointed out, is that you need to make sure you’ve got one of the latest video cards installed in your computer in order to be able to enjoy the broadcasts.

There’s a demo video available on the Yahoo! site where you can test your connection and picture quality. I highly recommend that you do this before plunking down $209 for Game Pass. A good video card isn’t all that expensive these days, so be sure you have one capable of handling all the streaming NFL games that you want to watch this year!

Tech Junkies

We’re going on a bit of a road trip tomorrow (just to La Crosse, WI to visit some friends), so I’m starting to pack a bag for the journey. After all, we need our entertainment!

Anyway, this is what I’ve got in my backpack so far: three MP3 players, three cell phones, two Nintendo DS Lites, a digital camera, a PDA, and a book reader. All for a 4 1/2 hour car ride!

I guess I never really thought of us as being tech junkies before. I mean, of course we love gadgets and toys, but I didn’t realize we had all this stuff — and that we’d “need” it just for a day trip!

Clinique Foaming Mousse Cleanser

Since I use Clinique makeup almost exclusively, it makes sense that I would also use one of their cleansers as a makeup remover. I received a sample bottle of the Clinique Foaming Mousse Cleanser with a purchase several years ago, and have been hooked on it ever since.

The Clinique Foaming Mousse Cleanser is very light and gentle on my face, yet is extremely effective at removing foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick in one fell swoop. All it takes is a pea-sized drop of the cleanser from its pump bottle to take care of your entire face. Because it foams so well and because I don’t wear makeup every single day, I find that a standard 4.2 oz bottle lasts a good, long time — like over a year. Since the product costs $19.50 at discount beauty supply stores, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

I should post a couple of warnings about this product, even though I’ve experienced no problems with it myself. First, I’ve heard that the Foaming Mousse Cleanser can leave your face extremely dry and flaky, to the point where you definitely wouldn’t want to use it anymore. Since I have oily skin, I haven’t encountered this particular issue, but I want to put it out there for you just in case.

In addition, even though the product is called a “cleanser”, it’s actually meant to be a pre-cleanser. In other words, you’ll probably want to follow it with other products, including toners and moisturizers, instead of just leaving your face be after using it.

Overall, I have been very happy with the way Clinique’s Foaming Mousse Cleanser works as a makeup remover. I can’t imagine relying on anything else at this point!