The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!


This is a test post made from my cell phone. It is just from the phone browser itself, not from a third party app like Utterz or anything like that. If this works, then I will be able to post a bunch more stuff from my various shopping excursions!

Crossing my fingers now….

Airsoft Gun Battles

My husband recently bought a pretty cool “airsoft” gun that shoots 8mm plastic BBs. It’s an M.E.U. (Marine Expeditionary Unit) replica, and is a lot of fun to play around with. In fact, he’s currently thinking about joining a local club that has airsoft gun battles (similar to paintball fights) on the weekends.

Even though these battles would be waged with plastic BBs, there’s still the possibility of getting hurt, especially if opponents are using high-powered guns or rifles. So before joining up, Jerry is going to have to buy some tactical gear first. It doesn’t have to be the fancy bulletproof stuff, of course, just some lightweight stuff that’s camouflaged and will provide a little padding against the BBs.

I even took a few turns shooting the M.E.U. at a target, and thought it was awesome! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up joining in the fun as well!

Gifts for Gramps

I’ve got a whole slew of birthdays to buy for in September, including my grandfather’s. He’s getting on in years, and will be 88 (or maybe 89?) when his next b-day rolls around. He’s not doing very well health-wise, so I kind of want to get him something special — just in case this is the last birthday we get to celebrate together. I hope that doesn’t make me sound morbid; I’m simply trying to be a realist.

Anyway, at first I considered buying him a portable oxygen concentrator to help with his sleep disorders and general respiratory problems, but then I thought he probably wouldn’t like being reminded of his medical difficulties on his birthday. So now I’m trying to come up with something fun yet practical. Maybe a bigger flat-screen TV for his room since his failing eyesight makes it hard to watch his favorite shows now.

The good news is I still have three weeks to find the perfect present for Gramps. The bad news is I still don’t have any idea where to start!

New NFL Gear

I like to buy a few new Chicago Bears items before the start of each football season. Not only does the new apparel help get me psyched up for all the Sunday action, but it’s also usually necessary because I wear my football-related gear so much that it doesn’t last all that long.

This year is no exception, as I’ve been shopping around for some great products to add to my collection for ’08-’09. While browsing over at earlier, I came across this very cool throwback jersey shirt that I would LOVE to have. It’s made from soda-rubber washed 100% cotton (whatever that means), with felt/distressed cotton applique lettering on the chest and chainstitch embroidery across the left shoulder (the words National Football Conference appear there).

Apparently, this is the kind of jersey that the old Chicago Bears wore, and I think it’s awesome! The only problem is that it costs $44.99, which is a bit on the high side for a long-sleeved shirt.

I’ve got one week until the season starts, so if I’m really gonna get this jersey, I better order it soon!