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3rd Gen iPod Nano — 8GB

I enrolled in a free shopping rewards program through my credit card provider several years ago. Basically what happens is I earn one point for every dollar I charge to my credit card, and can redeem my points for merchandise such as restaurant gift certificates, home electronics, hotel stays, and more.

Of course, all the good prizes require much higher point totals to claim, so I figured I’d just let my points accumulate for a while before trying to redeem them. Well, after five years of regular credit card usage, I had enough points to get a free third generation iPod Nano. I went with the 8Gb model in black.

This is my second iPod Nano (I still have a 1st gen that I use regularly), and third overall. I wanted this player because I simply ran out of storage space on my 1st gen Nano, so this purchase was actually necessary. I briefly considered buying an 80GB iPod Classic, but didn’t like how bulky the product was.

Anyway, after several months of near-constant usage, I have to say that I am very impressed with the 3rd gen iPod Nano. In addition to the music and photos that the 1st gen can handle, the 3rd gen can now play videos. It’s a tiny 2-inch screen, to be sure, and it takes a bit of extra work to convert videos that you don’t buy from the iTunes store, but it’s still a cool feature.

In addition, the 3rd gen Nano is completely redesigned from the 1st gen. Whereas the 1st gen was tall and thin, the 3rd gen is short and squat (2.75 inches tall, 2.06 inches wide). I think I read somewhere that this redesign was commissioned in order to deal with bending/breakage problems people had from shoving their 1st gen into their pockets. At any rate, the 3rd gen looks great — much better in person than in pictures, I might add.

Another new feature is Cover Flow, which allows you to browse your music by cover art. I don’t use this feature very often, and in all honesty, could take it or leave it.

Thus far, my 3rd gen iPod Nano has worked flawlessly. I’ve had zero problems in terms of playback, iTunes compatibility, battery life, sound quality, or anything else. In short, this product fully lives up to the iPod reputation of superior performance.

Overall, I fully recommend the 3rd Gen iPod Nano 8GB. It’s a terrific little MP3 player — made all the better considering the fact that I got mine for free!