The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Home Gym

Now that I’ve been faithfully (and successfully) working out at a health club for six months, I’ve been thinking about whether or not it would be worth it for me to buy exercise equipment for my home. I know that doing so would save me money in the long run, as I wouldn’t have to pay membership fees and dues anymore. But obviously this would only be the case if I continued to work out as diligently at home as I do at the club.

I wouldn’t be able to buy a bunch of equipment right off the bat, so I think it would be best to start with a treadmill. I like the versatility that treadmills provide, as I can adjust the speed and incline at which I walk or run, which gives me a chance to tweak my workouts according to what I want to accomplish on a particular day.

Also, I’d like some kind of weightlifting station so I can work on my muscle tone in addition to doing cardio exercises.

I don’t have the funds to run right out and get this equipment now, but my husband’s Christmas bonus will be here in just a few short months. That gives me plenty of time to shop around!

Save on Outdoor Products

I had to pick up some things from various stores today and I noticed that everywhere I went, there are massive clearance sales going on now. Retailers are trying to get rid of their seasonal summer products to make room for fall and winter items. That means there are massive savings to be had on just about every outdoor product you can imagine, such as barbecue grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, garden accessories, above-ground pools, basketball nets, and swing sets.

If you’re in the market for stuff that will make your backyard and patio a more enjoyable place, now is a terrific time to buy. Yes, you’ll probably have to store your new purchases throughout the winter, but the savings will more than offset the hassles, I’m sure!

Alden Grace Coupon Code

You all know by now that I’m a big fan of personalized stationery, and I believe that Alden Grace provides some of the best around. They’re also pretty reasonably priced as far as high-quality stationery goes, but are still expensive for average people like me. That’s why I always try to take advantage of the frequent discounts and specials that they offer from time to time.

Like right now, Alden Grace is having an End of Summer sale where customers can save 25% on any order, plus receive free UPS Ground Shipping to the continental U.S. All you have to do is enter the coupon code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout in order to receive the discount.

So if you’re in need of new note cards, letter sheets, invitations, or announcements, now is the time to buy!