NFL Game Pass ’08 Price Drop

I first wrote about NFL Game Pass by Yahoo! Sports last year, which was just the second season that the service was offered. A couple friends of mine who live overseas loved the idea of being able to watch all NFL games every week, but balked somewhat at the rather high $240+ price tag for a season subscription. Fortunately, for those of you outside the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, and U.S. Territories, Yahoo! Sports has reduced the price of NFL Game Pass for the 2008 season.

This time around, you can purchase an all-access Season Pass for just $209.99, which is $30 lower than a comparable pass from last year. With a Season Pass, you can watch any NFL game during the regular season as broadcast live over the Internet, and you can access the archives for weekly games until 11:59 PT on Wednesday.

Other types of passes include a Follow Your Team Pass that allows you to watch 1 game per week during the regular season for $159.99, and a Weekly Pass that gives you access to all the games for the week at a cost of $19.99.

Clearly, the Season Pass is the best deal — and is very reasonably priced, IMO.

As I said before, a couple of my friends live overseas, and they subscribed to Game Pass last year. They report that the subscription worked very well, with only a few minor glitches (like occasionally not being able to access the broadcast until a few minutes after kickoff time) along the way.

Other than that, the broadcasts were high-quality, and suffered zero technical difficulties after the initial connection was established. Plus, the ability to scroll through archived games is great for those times when they wanted to see a condensed version of a particular matchup.

Overall, I’ve heard excellent things about NFL Game Pass. I know that free streaming NFL games are available on various sites, but those are of course illegal and the connections are not reliable at all. If you’re a rabid fan and don’t want to miss a single snap of your favorite team’s season, then NFL Game Pass is the answer. I say why risk it. Go ahead and pay the price for this great service!

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