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Michael Phelps: 7th Gold Medal

Okay, this isn’t shopping related at all, but I just can’t escape from Olympic news right now, so I figured I might as well join the frenzy. Michael Phelps, the 23-year-old American swimming phenom, won his record-tying 7th gold medal yesterday after coming out on top in the 100m butterfly. This was supposed to be his “signature event”, but he ended up winning by just .01 seconds — and surely looked like he was going to lose.

At any rate, that was the very first event of this Olympics that I saw live in its entirety (no kidding), and was the first time I really took a look at Phelps. All I have to say is, wow he is really cut! Great muscle definition without a hint of body fat anywhere.

I recently read an article about how Phelps has to eat 12,000 calories per day just to have enough fuel to get through his rigorous training regimen. Can you imagine having to scarf down that much food? I’d need a truckload of weight loss pills to help me recover from even one day of 12,000 calories, never mind trying to live like that!

I’m not sure when Phelps will go for his 8th gold of these games, but there’s really little doubt that he’ll get it (even though it’s a relay). After that, prepare for even more of a media frenzy surrounding this guy. He’ll get endorsements galore, and add to his list of sponsors that already include such brands as Speedo, Omega, Visa, Power Bar, and AT&T.

Mrs. Field’s to file for bankruptcy

I just read that the Mrs. Field’s cookie chain is planning to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by August 25, 2008. The parent company, Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC, reports that it has approximately $196 million in publicly traded debt, and has been struggling to turn a profit amidst declining sales.

Under Chapter 11 protection, the company will still exist and operate. They will likely bring in experts to help with restructuring and cost-cutting measures, but won’t disappear completely.

I actually like Mrs. Field’s cookies a lot, so this news is kind of disheartening. I could never pass up their shop at the mall without stopping for a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (or three), and hope that the place by me doesn’t close once the restructuring gets underway!