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Honus Wagner Baseball Card

I just read that a 35-year-old Arkansas man named John Rogers paid $1.62 million for a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card in mint condition. Of course, the Honus Wagner card is the Holy Grail of baseball card collecting, but still… to pay that much for what is essentially a small piece of cardboard with a picture on it is just unreal. I mean, Rogers would have been better off investing that $1.62 million in term insurance or something! Then again, I suppose if he can “spare” that much money on a freakin’ baseball card, he’s got plenty left over.

At any rate, I know people like Rogers consider rare baseball cards to be an investment. After all, the same card sold back in 1991 for a “mere” $451,000, so it has definitely appreciated in value over the years. Let’s see how much Rogers can get if he sells it down the road!