The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Travel Briefcase

My cousin’s birthday is coming up in two weeks and I want to buy him a nice present. Jeff and I have always been close even though we’re more than 10 years apart in age, so I always go out of my way to get good gifts for him.

He recently began a new office position — his first one after doing a few part-time, “fun” jobs after college. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to get him a present that could help at work, just to get him off on the right foot.

He told me the position requires a lot of travel, so after looking around, I’m thinking that this Rimowa travel briefcase would be perfect. It comes with lots of document pockets, as well as a sleeve to keep his laptop computer in place. Plus, it has roller wheels and a trolley handle to make airport navigation quick and easy.

I think this would be a cool gift, and I know Jeff would be able to use it a lot. I’m going to get it!!

Top Consumer Complaints

I just got done watching a short clip on Yahoo! about the top consumer complaints, as calculated by a couple of organizations that recently held surveys about the matter. I didn’t catch the names of the organizations, otherwise I would cite them here. Sorry!!

Anyway, the top 4 consumer complaints are:

1. Autos/Trucks (lemons, faulty repairs, deceptive advertising)
2. Construction/Home Improvement (shoddy workmanship)
3. Credit Cards (hidden fees, high interest rates, predatory lending practices, aggressive collections)
4. Traditional Retailers (poor service, defective merchandise, problems with rebates, etc)

The only thing on this list that I complain about are traditional retailers. They do suck sometimes, which is why I shop online whenever I can. But fortunately, I’ve never had major problems with cars, homes, or credit cards. (knock on wood)