How to Prevent Identity Theft

For anyone who shops online as much as I do, identity theft is a major concern. I routinely give out sensitive information such as my full name and address, my credit card numbers, my bank account number, my PayPal address, and my driver’s license number to various websites for all the different purchases I make. More often than not, these are well known sites that employ the latest and greatest security measures, but I admit to rolling the dice on occasion with a few unknown retailers.

Can you imagine what kind of damage could be done if this data fell into the wrong hands? Some people spend years trying to recover their good name and credit rating after an instance of identity theft. That’s certainly not a battle I want to face anytime soon, which is why I’m considering signing up with lifelock.

Lifelock helps protect your identity by setting up fraud alerts on your behalf. After the alerts are in place, creditors and banks must verify the identity of anyone who attempts signing up for a new credit cards or applying for a line of credit in the name of the person designated in the fraud alert. Lifelock is available for individuals, families, and even children, and definitely sounds like an effective security measure.

If you make as many online purchases as I do, then you might want to check out the features and benefits of Lifelock for yourself. Taking a proactive approach to preventing identity theft is much smarter than simply sitting back and hoping your sensitive data never gets compromised, so visit the Lifelock website today!

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