Nike Women’s Fitness Gloves

I’ve been working out at a gym three times a week since the beginning of February. I do a mix of cardio and weight training, and have made slow but steady progress in that time. One problem I encountered, however, was getting blisters on my hands from lifting weights. Not only were these blisters unsightly, they were also painful and sometimes prevented me from completing my workouts the way I wanted to. That’s why I decided to buy a pair of Nike Mult-Purpose Women’s Fitness Gloves a couple weeks ago.

These Nike Fitness Gloves are designed to protect hands and keep them dry during workouts. They come with a padded palm, stitched flex grooves for comfort, and stretch fit for ease of movement. The gloves are made from Dri-FIT mesh fabric, which allows air to flow through them and cool your hands (and also allows for quicker drying).

I’ve been using these gloves during my workouts for the past two weeks, and I can definitely say that they’ve made a huge difference. I no longer get blisters, which means I can now comfortably proceed through my weight-lifting routine without constantly worrying about what’s happening to my hands. There’s just the right amount of padding in these gloves to allow for adequate protection without sacrificing anything in the way of grip, feel, or performance.

I’ve seen these gloves advertised for anywhere between $15-$18 in sporting goods stores and online. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me — especially since it means the end of weightlifting blisters!

Bear in mind that these Nike Multi-Purpose Fitness Gloves are meant to conform with your hand and have a tight fit. That’s a bit different than other types of gloves you might buy, so I just wanted to throw this tidbit out there.

Anyway, these gloves are highly recommended. Check them out!

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