Mario Kart on Wii

I’ve had a Nintendo Wii gaming system for over a year now, but the only software title I have for it is Wii Sports. Tennis, golf, boxing, baseball, and bowling has been entertaining enough for me, so I never really felt the need to go out and spend money on additional games. But that’s all going to change next month when Mario Kart for Wii is released on April 27th.

Mario Kart is one of my favorite video games of all time. It has exceptional replay value, as there are enough character/kart combinations, tracks, cups, mini games, and battles to keep me interested long after the purchase date. And the Wii version looks positively stunning, which is why I’m adding it to the top of my shopping Wish List as of today.

The Wii edition features new and modified tracks, more characters to choose from (including the “baby” version of Peach, Mario, and a few others), great graphics, motorcycles as well as karts, and online/wi-fi play that is sure to lead to endless hours of fun.

I have watched previews of this game, and it looks like a total blast! Check out one of the YouTube trailers right here (it’s in Japanese, but I’m more interested in the screenshots anyway):

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