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Heinz 57 Sauce

heinz57.jpg I’m not the kind of person who can eat plain steaks. I have to have some kind of marinade or sauce on them, and would even go so far as to use ketchup if nothing else is available. My preference, however, is for Heinz 57 Sauce, which I like far more than A1 or other steak sauce brands.

I like the fact that Heinz 57 Sauce is thick and has a rich flavor. I cannot stand those watery, runny sauces that hardly add any taste at all. If I’m going to put something on my steak, I want the taste to be noticeable, know what I mean?

I’ve also been known to add a bit of Heinz 57 to my baked potato or dip my fries in there. Yes, the taste can get overpowering after a while, but as long as I don’t drench my food in it, Heinz 57 is great.

The only problem is that this stuff is pretty expensive. It’s nearly $5.00 for a 10oz. bottle, which is more than other brands charge. But I guess it’s worth it, since I can’t really eat steaks any other way now!