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Tide to Go

tidetogo.jpg I often eat or drink in my car as I’m running errands, driving my son to school, or commuting to my consulting job a few days per week. As such, I run the risk of spills and stains, which can be disastrous if I’m heading into a meeting or whatever. So I decided to buy a Tide to Go stain remover pen to keep in the glove box of my car just in case anything like this should happen when I’m on the road.

Tide to Go has been around for a few years now. I remember back when it first came out because it was featured in one of the tasks on the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice. When Tide to Go launched, I was under the impression that it worked for a variety of stains, such as grass, blood, ink — the stuff you’d usually come across while doing laundry.

But no. The Tide to Go website clearly indicates that the product is designed to remove fresh non-greasy food and drink stains only.

I was a bit disappointed but I bought it anyway. Of course, I had to try it out at home to make sure it worked before I put it in the car. So I spilled some Diet Coke (what I’m most likely to be drinking in the car), mustard, and ketchup on an old white T-shirt for my test.

I followed the instructions on the Tide to Go pen (blot any excess residue, press the Tide to Go pen to the stain to release the cleaning solution, rub the solution throughout the stain, and let it dry), and waited to see what would happen.

My first test didn’t go so well — probably because I wasn’t quick enough at applying the Tide to Go pen. The packaging clearly says it works best on “fresh” stains, and that really is a key point. In my first round, where I kind of dallied a bit, I could still see a faint outline of where the stains were on the shirt. Tide to Go worked better than, say, just wiping with a wet cloth, but the stains were still noticeable.

In my second try, I spilled, blotted, and applied Tide to Go almost immediately. This went much better, and the product removed significantly more of the stain.

Overall, I do like Tide to Go and will continue to buy/use it. You just have to be sure that you apply it to stains as soon as humanly possible or you might be disappointed in the results.